The Vegan Success Initiative's New Approach to
Adopting an Entirely Vegan Lifestyle

Going vegan is one of the best choices you will ever make, and you don’t have to do it alone! As a member of The Vegan Success Initiative, you’re not just added to a mailing list; you receive information, resources, and support to ensure you successfully transition to a fully vegan lifestyle in just six weeks!


You’re here, and you’ve decided that you want to go vegan, for good. Congrats!


You may also be asking yourself a lot of questions: 


  • How do I go vegan and where do I start? 

  • Is it possible to be healthy and active without consuming animal products? 

  • How do vegans get their protein? 

  • What do vegans eat? 

  • Will I miss out on my favorite foods? 

  • Can I still go out to eat and enjoy life with my friends and family?

  • Is a vegan lifestyle expensive?

  • Does living a vegan lifestyle really make a difference in the world?


Don’t worry, we have you covered! We offer interactive 6-week courses that cover the ins and outs of transitioning to a

fully vegan lifestyle, with plenty of opportunities to form supportive friendships throughout the course and beyond. 


Each week, we focus on specific topics, including:

  • Our current food system’s impact on animals, climate, and our health & how veganism helps all three!

  • Kitchen staples & simple, healthy recipes that make transitioning to an animal-free diet easy!

  • The best meat, dairy, and egg substitutes available so you don’t miss anything! 

  • Vegan snacks & treats (what’s life without a little junk food now and then?)

  • How to find and order vegan options at restaurants  

  • Creating a vegan home with products made without animal ingredients or animal testing

  • Websites, content creators, and apps that will make your life easier

We provide the following each week:


  • Learning resources and materials

  • Recommended readings and documentaries

  • Recipes, products, and discounts

  • Activities and writing prompts in our social media group to give and receive constructive feedback and ideas 

  • Fun and casual weekly Zoom calls (this is our favorite part!) to review the week’s topics, hear from guest speakers, try new products, enjoy vegan meals and snacks, share experiences, and more! 

Here’s to having fun, learning, and making friends while reaching your goals!